The University of San Buenaventura is part of the Franciscan community. There are 40 campuses that are located in different parts of the world, four of which are in the Colombia cities of Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena, and Medellín.

The University of San Buenaventura was established in Cali, thirty-eight years ago, on August 24, 1970, with three academic programs: Law, Education and Accounting. It is located in the south of the city in an area called La Umbría. It has a beautiful campus of 260,200 mts2, with constructions of 89,364 m2.

The university is endowed with a modern library, 72 classrooms, and 30 auditoriums with a seating capacity of 2,070 people and the most advanced technological resources in terms of audio, video and internet. The University also has several cafeterias, laboratories for Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Electronics, complete with audiovisual services, radio and television circuits, and electric and water treatment plants. The campus is endowed with an extensive green area and excellent sports fields for soccer, tennis, basketball, and volleyball, and a swimming pool; two parking lots with a 900 vehicle capacity; and a complete control and security network. With its clear objective of forming not only academically but also spiritually, the University has a chapel with a capacity for 400 people.

The city of Cali, with an average temperature of 25o C, is the capital of the department of Valle del Cauca, which is located in the southwestern part of Colombia, at 1003m above sea level. From this city, it is easy to get to the Pacific Ocean through the Port of Buenaventura, the main port of Colombia´s Pacific coast. Cali was founded on July 25, 1536, by Sebastian de Belalcázar. This modern, technologically advanced city of about 3 million inhabitants has an international airport, extensive transportation infrastructure and more than 50,000 industrial, commercial and service companies, including 70 multinational companies, registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

San Buenaventura—Cali, is the first Colombian university with a Technological and Managerial Park.  The Park’s general objective is to promote the academic advances of the University and the social-economic development of the region and the country through research and technological adaptation and integration, as well as the processes that support entrepreneurship and the implementation of special projects that promote high levels of competition and propitiate a competitive a suitable placing in the globalized world. In the Park, our students carry out professional internships, develop their business ideas, do research and build their own companies.

The Park covers an area of 10.000 m2  and is divided into four intelligent buildings that are endowed with the most modern technology which allow students to follow processes of entrepreneurship and investigation. We invite you to be formed for entrepreneurship and to become a business person supported by the best experts in business management and planning.

The University of San Buenaventura has six faculties: Architecture, Art and Design; Economic and Administrative Sciences; Law and Political Sciences; Education; Engineering, and Psychology, which offer 16 undergraduate programs.  Economic and Administrative Sciences: Business Administration (day and night programs), Economics, Accounting (day and night programs); Architecture, Art and Design: Architecture, Fashion Design; Psychology: Psychology (day and night programs); Law and Political Sciences: Law (day and night programs), (the Law Faculty also has a Legal Assistance Office); Education: Preschool Education (which has had a great social impact on Siloé, a neighborhood in Cali, through its Centro de Desarrollo Comunitario), Gerontology; Engineering:  Systems, Electronics, Industrial, and Agroindustrial Engineernig and a new program, Materials Engineering.

We offer a wide range of postgraduate programs such as certificate programs, specializations and Masters degrees in different areas which keep our alumni and those of other accredited institutions updated, allowing them to continue advancing in different fields of their professional development. For the fulfillment of these postgraduate programs, the University has alliances with notable Colombian universities like Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and EAFIT from Medellín and Universidad de Los Andes and Universidad Militar Nueva Granada from Bogotá, among others.  Additionally, the Franciscan community has 43 campuses in different countries and has made agreements with Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Metropolitana, the University of Barcelona, New York University, Carleton University, Georgetown, and Berkeley College for its students to carry out their professional practicums and internships.

The University of San Buenaventura in Cali is honored to count Ministers of the national government, Magistrates, Governors, Mayors, chief executive officers, and thousands of managers among its alumni. They are distinguished by their excellent work performance, humanity, professional ethics, great sense of social responsibility, and commitment to their profession and to the country. The alumni from University of San Buenaventura have been trained to create their own companies and to be highly competent professionals of many fields in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, Europe, North America or any other part of the world.

We invite you to live the best educational experience as you enjoy our physical and technological facilities and take advantage of our academic programs.  You can become a successful professional skilled in entrepreneurship who can create his or her own company and promote employment and development in our country.

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